• Dr. William Levine’s Podiatry Practice

  • Posted on August 25, 2017
  • Dr. William Levine runs two podiatrist practices in New York. One in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and one in Far Rockaway, Queens. These practices are teeming with success and constantly keep him busy. However, he greatly enjoys the process of keeping these businesses humming along. He is able to treat the full spectrum of podiatric diseases and problems at these offices.
    William Levine Podiatrist
    Dr. Levine is a sports and dance medicine podiatrist, today. He is a member of the National Dance Council and has the pleasure of being able to help high school, college, and professional athletes to feel better. He has always treated patients as if they are family, a practice he learned early on his training. He does this not because it is expected of him, but because it’s who he is as a doctor.

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